Monday, June 14, 2010


URL to Final Crysis Environment

Google Warehouse - Sketchup of Dining Table and Elevators

Image Captures of the Developed Crysis Wars Environment

This image is an overall picture of the final Crysis environment developed on the Rhine Valley.

This image captures the dining table in the foreground, Kerr's elevator and the bridge in the middle ground, and Merkel's lab in the background. It is important that all the structures are displayed in this image as they symbolize harmony and union of power. Also, the table is shone under a limelight to emphasize the ingenuity of two bright people coming together and discussing power in their own rights.

This shot of Merkel's elevator demonstrates the dominance and authority her government body has over Germany, and in turn Europe as the man inside the elevator is confined on all four sides. Despite the enclosed feeling, open space is readily available and boundless, reflecting her approach in balancing power and control with complete freedom. Also, the alien lighting conveys how different, new and unique it is for this woman to possess such power.

This scene of Merkel's office further emphasizes her influential power through the sheer size of the building as well as the hovering elevator, seemingly looking down on everything else that exists.

This image illustrates a man walking into Kerr's elevator on the rooftop of her office. The round, half-enclosed shape and the swirly texture is applied to represent Kerr's brain. From the image below, it is evident that the elevator is small and barely visible in comparison to her s-lined, aesthetically pleasing office, however, when travelling to the meeting place, it is her intelligence and brain power that she wants to take and be known for.

The light, creamy pink lighting in the image of Kerr's office portrays her femininity and charming, classy, elegant physical appearance whilst in the image of Kerr's elevator, it further articulates the metaphor of Kerr's brain.

This image shows the dining table standing solely on top of a platform looking out towards the bridge and Merkel's office and elevator. The dining table portrays power, as a thin S-shaped base supports the heavy mass of the upper surface, reflecting these two clients determination to hold onto their beliefs and their will to succeed despite the overwhelming challenges constantly weighing them down.

Sketch Model of Dining Table

Sketchup Model of Elevator

Miranda Kerr's Elevator

Angela Merkel's Elevator

Image Captures of 2 Draft Crysis Wars Environment